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A Review of the Case of Hans Joachim Kupka

By Mr Bill Renwick

List of Appendices

Appendix A (88kb) Terms of reference and procedures for the conduct of the review

Appendix B (132kb) Written submissions, oral submissions, and interviews

Appendix C (107kb) Mr Franke’s memorandum to Associate Professor Knuefermann, 11 May 1998

Appendix D (501kb) Mr Kupka’s Ph.D. proposal

Appendix E (241kb) Assessment of Mr Kupka’s proposal written by Professor Alan Kirkness, Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, University of Auckland

Appendix F (169kb) Mr Kupka’s questionnaires

Appendix G (223kb) Mr Kupka’s submission to the review

Appendix H (311kb) Translations of some of Mr Kupka’s Internet postings made by Professor Hans Werner Nieschmidt

Appendix I (153kb) Opinions of four Holocaust scholars on a selection of Mr Kupka’s Internet postings

Appendix J (643kb) Assessment of a selection of Mr Kupka’s Internet postings by Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Dr Rolf Brednich, University of Gottingen, Germany

Appendix K (82kb) Assessment of Mr Kupka’s Report of an Investigation (0204.540) by Associate Professor James Bade and Associate Professor Friedrich Voit, Department of Germanic Language and Literature, University of Auckland

Appendix L (97kb) Letter to the University Mediator from twelve Jewish members of the academic staff, University of Waikato, 12 October, 1999

Appendix M (54kb) Petition to the University Mediator signed by ten members of the academic staff, University of Waikato

Appendix N (211kb) The Bing–Franke letter of 26 November 1999 to the FASS Ethics Committee

Appendix O (203kb) Professor Bing’s letters of 12 December and 2 April 2000 to Professor Middleton, Deputy Chairperson, Postgraduate Studies Committee

Appendix P (208kb) University Mediator’s report of 8 March 2000 to the Vice Chancellor

Appendix Q (331kb) Professor Middleton’s confidential memorandum of 1 May 2000 to members of the Postgraduate Studies Committee

Appendix R (387kb) Three statements by the Vice Chancellor on Mr Kupka’s doctoral research

  (a) Memorandum to members of the University Council and the Postgraduate Studies Committee, 10 April 2000

  (b) Report to the University Council, 9 August 2000

  (c) Submission to the Review

Appendix S (56kb) Letters from Associate Professor Knuefermann and Mr Franke published in the April and May 2000 issues of Nexus

Appendix T (369kb) University of Waikato Human Research Ethics Committee Procedures, 1994

Appendix U (85kb) Two memoranda issued by the Human Research Ethics Committee to the chairpersons of school and departmental ethics committees

Appendix V (278kb) Dr Barry S. Parsonson’s submission to the Review

Appendix W (136kb) Letter of 1 June 2000 from Acting Chairperson, University Human Research Ethics Committee to Mr Kupka

Appendix X (173kb) Dr Tom Ryan’s Open Letter to the University Council, 9 August 2000

Appendix Y (173kb) Professor Bing’s letter of 7 August 2000 to the Chancellor

Appendix Z (662kb) Statements of four Holocaust survivors to the Review

  (a) Mr Robert Narev

  (b) Mrs Ruth Filler

  (c) Mr Fred Silberstein

  (d) Mrs Maru Bing-Kulka


Communications Office
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